punkt – Association for Educational, Ecological and Cultural work

punkt e.V. is a non-profit association, that – by means of project-based work – promotes educational, environmental and cultural knowledge and skills. We co-operate with regional institutions and bodies as well as with social organisations.

Our goals

  • Realising project-based programmes for kids and adolescents
  • Realising educational projects, especially for the underprivileged
  • Offering “hands-on” professional pre- and reorientation
  • Offering socially-integrated activities
  • Promoting the understanding of nature and culture

Sustainability is the key in achieving these goals.

We do not only realise projects we came up with ourselves. We are open for any suggestions and proposals and welcome everybody who is willing to support our goals.

…from previous successes to new horizons…

punkt e.V. is the successor of the project group “Aktionsgruppe Naturgarten”. This group had established itself in Saxony-Anhalt over the course of ten years realising events, workshops and other activities.

Under the legal structure of a “Verein” (association) we are now facing new challenges not only enlarging our range of projects but also our sphere of action.

If you would like to support us do get in touch with us or make a donation!